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What do I do?

As a Professional Certified Coach & Certified Professional Mentor Coach, I have drawn from my education, training, experience and acquired expertise in a multitude of areas including Art, Education, Energy & Consciousness Development, Raw/Living Food & Travel. Currently, what I do most & best is teach, coach, and invite people (who really want for it) to Presence their Power, Unleash their Potential, and Remove Barriers toward the fulfillment of their Potential. Moreover, I teach, coach, mentor, presence, and invite people (again who really want it) into Higher Levels of Enlightenment, ultimately toward ending suffering, regardless of how much or how little, they experience in the pursuit of "freedom" & "happiness."

Working with me may cause disruptions in your current lifestyle/reality, but that's what you really want to change anyway.

What it really means…

Whether coaching, training, mentoring, teaching, or friending, I take a stand for your power, your potential, your purpose, your values, your desires, your integrity & ultimately, your magnificence, so you can more easily find the best way to be & do you in life and business.  I always see & believe in your mega-self, even when you cannot.

What you have the opportunity to get when you work with me is to:

Presence the pure power of your being, so that without doubt nor apology, you can stand in the authority of who you are and what you’re here to do.

Master the invisible side of the visible world, so you can easily understand what’s True, Right, & Now, which enables you to efficiently and effectively maximize the potential of your purpose and contribution to life.

Regardless of how it sounds, rest assured, it really is fun and easy!

What (besides training* & experience) qualifies me to do this?

I endeavor to live my life by these values/mottos/guiding principles:

Fun-n-Easy – If it ain’t fun, and it ain’t easy, it ain’t for me!  (This has become a tool for me to determine if what I'm thinking, saying, doing, etc is true, right, & for now, as well as if it is sourced from love, joy & truth vs fear.  It informs my ability to be present in the now and in clear response & relationship to what is for me and what is not for me, especialy with regard to living integrously and in recognition that what I thought was "right" may no longer be right "now."

Integrity – Thoughts, beliefs, actions, behaviors, words and feelings in alignment with core being/purpose/values, so that everything I think, say, do is an expression of who I truly am.

Choice – Life is a choice.  Every moment of every day is a choice to which I am able to respond.  Inherent is my ability to respond to my integrity, my purpose, my magnificence through the choices that I make in every moment because as Dan Millman says, “There are no ordinary moments.” 
And I have the courage and capacity to be present to them all.

BE Inclusive, not intrusive

Direction - Life is a never-ending series of invitations – say YES to the ones that are for me and not yes to the ones that aren’t.

Value Add - Every day, every encounter is an opportunity to add value…I like to leave everything at least equal or more importantly better than it was when I got there, even if it’s just the field of consciousness in which it gets to exist or occur.

What clients say about working with me…

"Simone has a way of uncovering the truth that I have never experienced before. I went into this coaching session thinking that I had to take it one direction (wanting to control it) and she allowed (haha) me to take it in a direction that lined up with what was "True" for me...and I didn't even know it! All of the sudden, everything became crystal clear for me.

My life has not been the same since!

Once Simone took me through what is a natural gifted process that she has, I discovered my "True Purpose" and she helped me uncover the Passion that was there all along.

I am having the time of my life these days - even in these tough economic times, my company is doing very well, and I am launching my new business with an energy that only comes from the discovery she helped me find. My life feels more balanced, confident, relaxed, and effective than I have ever experienced.

Thank you again Simone - I do mean these words...You did a great job with a confused entrepreneurial guy like me :)."
                                  - Keith Taylor: Sales Director, Motivational Man, Entrepreneur

One more thing…

Global Mobile Odyssey Adventure … In July of 2009, I left my home in Chicago to live, travel and work throughout the US and beyond. I've been to St Louis, Missouri; Ozark Mountains, Arkansas; Austin, Texas; Orlando & Englewood, Florida; San Diego, California; Cabo San Lucas, Ensenada & Tijuana, Mexico; Chicago, Illinois, Iron River, Wisconsin (in north woods near Lake Superior), back to St Louis, Missouri for summer 2010, did some weekends in Eddyville, Kentucky, Branson & Chicago. Back to Austin for Thanksgiving, then off to New Orleans to visit family, and finally, back in SW Florida! Gratefully, nurturing my soul while living on the beach on a small island off the gulf coast. I'm not sure for how long; I'm not always certain which way the winds will blow, but I've learned to trust the process & my ability to respond to whatever it asks of me...

*Training & Credentials:

I have a number of coaching designations including CUCG, PCC, PMC and hold an MA (Interdisciplinary Studies: Business, Educational Design & Leadership, and Communication) from DePaul University . These designations mean that I am a Coach U Certified Graduate (CUCG), ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Professional Mentor Coach (PMC), Certified Evolutionary Coach & Trainer (CEC/CET) for The Evolutionary Institute & The Evolutionary Network. Additionally, I serve as a Faculty Trainer for world-renowned Coach U’s Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) and as a Coach U, ICF Certification and Coaching Mastery Mentor Coach; all of which requires me to constantly and consistently hone and polish myself and my coaching skills.

As president and principal of two of my own coaching businesses, A Life U Love Coaching Services, a full-service coaching company that specializes in freedom-based life/style and business design for the fun-n-easy crowd, as well as Simone Peer, Inc where I focus on kick b*tt coaching, mentoring and training for coaches seeking real-life coaching mastery and ICF certification.  Additionally, I am also co-founder of Evolutionary Adventures, LLC: The Art of Igniting Potential, an Advanced Training Program in Coaching and Leadership, specializing in the evolution of “getting it” and leaderfullness across the board through internal and external coaching and leadership training, resulting in a bigger bottom line, as well as the co-founder of Conscious Fusion—where Consciousness meets Capitalism a coaching and training system based upon the paradigm shifting Conscious Fusion Theory.

With over over 20 years experience in getting clients, from around the globe, to succeed by reaching personal, professional and organizational potential and success, can you believe that I was also a theatrical costume designer, an English as a second language & alternative high teacher, as well as an alternative high school principal (it was a cool Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound school for kids who had dropped or been kicked out of school), and built a successful art program for adults for the City of Chicago's College (Harold Washington) in collaboration with Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs!

Check out more by visiting:
(psst: I'm not the best on the web nor at updating my pages, but I think you will find some interesting & relevant information & opportunities on these sites.)

A Life U Love
Evolutionary Adventures
Conscious Fusion

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